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The JFK Bell Schedule has been developed to allow our students the greatest amount of access to Norco College classes.  When open, JFK operates on a 'block schedule' Mon-Thurs, and periods are 102 minutes in duration.  On Monday/Wednesday, students attend their 1st, 3rd, and 5th period classes.  On Tuesday/Thursday, students attend their 2nd, 4th, and 6th period classes.
Students attend all of their scheduled classes on Fridays.

EXCEL: Excel is a homeroom period scheduled right before lunch and allows students to connect with their teachers, ask for assistance, schedule make up assignments, and study.  ALL students have Excel classes in their Friday schedule.

SPECIAL Schedules:  Each year there are a handful of days when the schedule is changed to accommodate holidays, staff training, and finals at the end of the semester.  You can find the adjusted dates at the bottom of this years bell schedule.
2nd Semester Finals Schedule (1).jpg


23-24 secondary calendar.jpg
2023-24 JFK Bell Schedule for Print.png
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