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How Are Students Selected for JFK?

JFK was designed to reach students who were considered the “Middle Student”.  These students may not be recognized as the ‘top’ of their class, however, they possess the skill and ability to succeed in college level classes... they may simply need a little push.  Determining ‘readiness’ is not an exact science, however, having over 10 years of connecting students with the community college has shown that students who attend school, do not have disciplinary issues, are able to maintain at least “C’s” in A-G high school classes, and express a desire to take ownership in their education - those are the students who tend to be successful in the middle college setting.  



2.0 is the minimum requirement for taking college classes.  Students attending JFK will complete a course schedule that is A-G, and can expect to graduate high school with anywhere between 6 - 30+ college units; ready to attend a four year University

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Attending, and participating in your education provides meaningful purpose.  Taking an active roll in ones education means being present, being involved in activities and discussions, and being open to multiple perspectives in furthering your understanding

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Persistence in time management is an integral component of success.  Students at JFK may find themselves with open periods and 'free time'.  Students will need to balance their time between friends, activities, and their academics and commitments

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Working with both HS and College counselors help provide a pathway and focus to ensure you will have every opportunity to achieve your goals.

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