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The EVOLVE Wellness Center is a school-based program created to support JFK students’ social/emotional and mental wellness. Students are empowered to align their thoughts, feelings, and behavior with their best self in a safe and collaborative environment via peer support, school wide wellness interventions and clinical mental health support.

Here are the EVOLVE Wellness Services that we offer at JFK currently:
   -Individualized one-on-one consultations 
   -Young Queens Weekly Group: Evolve through shared       experiences
   -Young Kings Weekly Group: Evolve through shared   experiences
   -LGBTQ Weekly Group: Evolve through shared     experiences
   -Monthly Art Therapy Group: Evolve through art expression
   -Meditation Weekly Group: Evolve through breathing   exercises
   -Yoga Weekly Group: Evolve through mindful movement
   -Monthly Wellness Workshops on different themes

         Hours: Open during school hours


"Our mission is to help you discover who you are, who you can become, and how you can EVOLVE into your best self. As your confidants, we promise to be respectful, responsible, and take action to improve mental health at JFK. With dedication, we are committed to supporting students in their journey by helping them overcome barriers and hardships."

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If you would like to visit the JFK wellness center, simply scan the code with your phone or click the button to fill out our brief survey.  We will get you connected with support ASAP

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Evolve Faculty Members

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Mrs. Callon

"Obstacles do not block the path...they are the path" -Zen Proverb

I love EVOLVE because it is a grass-roots program designed to help students become the best version of themselves led by a passionate JFK team that is passionate about mental health and wellness. 

Mrs. Carson

“Today you could be standing next to someone who is tying their best not to fall apart…So whatever you do today do it with kindness in your heart.”

Ms. Perez


Mrs. Renfeldt

"Bloom where you are planted" 

I love Evolve because wellness is for everyone. To have a program that promotes the wellness of students and staff here on campus makes me proud to be a Timberwolf! 


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