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CNUSD College & Career Fair

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This will help students prepare for acceptance to a four year college after graduating from Kennedy. View the College Planning Calendar document at the bottom of this page for a month by month overview for your Junior and Senior year.

A planning meeting in 10th grade with your school counselor Mrs. Carson will give you personal guidance. AVID students should communicate regularly with their teacher to remain on track. Students can meet with a counselor at Norco College to get guidance on what classes to take at Norco College.

Every Kennedy student has access to California Colleges.This is an amazing online tool used to to gather information, and become fully prepared for their future career. A link can be found on the Kennedy home page. There are many resources online that can help with career planning.


Career Planning onlineResources

California Career Cafe:

US Occupation Search:

College Board Online:

California Career Zone:

College Guide:

What can I do with a Major in:

USA College and Career Guide

Who do U Want 2 Be?

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA):

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