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For current JFK students (including freshmen) that are currently enrolled in a college class, you do not need to do anything! You will automatically roll over to next year and should get your registration date for Summer and Fall by the end of the month. You can throw away the forms Ms. Cole gave to you before we left.
For current JFK students who are NOT enrolled in a college class, you will need to complete the following before April 15, 2020:
  1. Reapply to Norco College
  2. Print or take a picture of your application Confirmation Page
  3. Print a copy of the JFK Parent Approval Form
  4. Fill out the Parent Approval Form (make sure your signature and your parent’s signature are completed)
  5. Scan or take a picture of the Application Confirmation Page and the Parent Approval Form and email to Ms. Cole at no later than April 15, 2020.
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