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As we head to the start of the new school year, we know that many of you still have questions about what school will look like.  Our desire is to be together again, face to face, and we are continuing to make plans to prepare for the time that we will be back in person - safely - and ready to learn alongside of each of you.  Until that time, we will be providing school under the Remote Learning process as laid out by CNUSD.  Below is a look at what each student can expect:

Teachers will connect with their students each school day. Daily live interaction includes but is not limited to: online instruction, progress monitoring, maintaining school connectedness, check-ins between teachers and pupils, and the use of print materials incorporating assignment that are the subject of written or oral feedback. This interaction may take the form of internet or telephonic communication.

Teachers may connect with students through a variety of platforms and apps, including Google Classroom.

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JFK has worked to keep our instructional schedule as close to what we have had in the past, which allows our students to maximize their opportunity to complete their college classes while they finish their high school requirements.  JFK students can plan on having a 'bell schedule' that is familiar to them, and they are encouraged to continue to over-communicate with their teachers as we strive to work with you and support you in your academic success.

Students should plan on spending up to 240 minutes of their day on their studies.  This will include live interaction with their teachers & fellow students, research, practice items, and general assignments and assessments.



State guidelines make daily attendance mandatory and define participation and attendance as the regular interaction in the academic process on the part of the student. It is imperative that students are connecting with their teachers daily, and we encourage our parents to ensure that their student is engaging and participating on a daily basis.


Attendance in school during Remote/Virtual Learning will be determined through the following process and may include:

  • Evidence of participation in online activities

  • Participation in online instruction

  • Completion of regular assignments

  • Contact between pupils or parent/guardian

  • A pupil who does not participate daily shall be deemed absent

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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